Escalation Documentation

For the past year Spokane artists, Scott Kolbo and Lance Sinnema have collaborated on performance based video pieces inspired by the increasingly volatile language that surrounds our current political discourse. The artists undertook significant research into the forums where political argument takes place in the contemporary world, and the phrases and words they recorded in newscasts, political advertisements, and the comments beneath on-line political articles were translated into physical form and used as literal weapons in an attempt to attain complete victory. The video projections and drawings on display in the Saranac Art Projects Galleries serve as documentation of these performances, as well as a damning indictment of our ability to argue rationally. Thankfully they they are also hilarious slapstick comedy.

The following images are documentation of the exhibition called “Escalation” – which took place at the Saranac Art Projects in March 2012.

Escalation Exterior

Propaganda Posters!

Voting Stations


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